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Significant Changes to Protocols for Covid-19

The CMTBC (our governing body) has required the following measures be put in place for patient and therapist safety and minimize the risk of transmission of the virus that causes Covid-19.

RENEWAL OF INFORMED CONSENT IS REQUIRED - While we have taken measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room so there is an increased risk during the Covid-19 situation.


Re: PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT - While mask use is not mandatory – You will be asked if you would prefer we wore a mask and there will be disposable masks available here if you desire to wear one. If you have a mask, please feel free to bring it and wear it when you arrive.

Gloves and eyewear are also optional for the therapist. As with the masks you will be asked if you would feel safer with us wearing them if we are not already doing so.

THE DAY BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT – We will call you to ask you to complete the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self Assessment ( https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en ) and go over any questions you have. There is no fee for cancellations related to this and we are required to tell you to stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.

FOR PATIENTS AT GREATER RISK – We can discuss possible additional precautions you would like, alternatives for care, postpone treatment or explore other options. We are allowed to proceed with treatment when patient and therapist agree that the benefits of care delivery outweigh the risk to the patient.

UPON YOUR ARRIVAL – Patients are required to wait outside (in their car or under the covered area outside the door) and not in the waiting room. Your therapist will open the door for you and bring you inside. Patients must arrive unaccompanied unless patient is a minor who requires parent/guardian, or infirm and needs assistance. You may enter into the waiting room if the door has been left open for you.

There is a PATIENT HAND SANITIZING STATION in the waiting room which they require you to use upon entry and when leaving.

At the end of treatment we will accompany you to the exit and open the door for you using a hand cloth or other sanitized barrier. We are allowing extra time between appointments but you may still find us taking a few extra minutes to come to the door because of the extra cleaning/disinfecting between patients. Thanks for your understanding.

ONCE INSIDE THE CLINIC – Please keep in mind that anything that is touched needs to be disinfected and we have regular enhanced cleaning protocols in place.

Covid-19 protocols are in effect. RMT’s and patients must maintain 2 meters / 6 feet of distance in clinic areas other than the treatment rooms as best as possible within the practice setting ( ie – 1 person at a time in the hallway etc).

Use of the washroom is permitted. Covid protocols require hand washing to be done for 20 seconds minimum by patients and therapists whenever needed.

Face Touching Avoidance – avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose. Masks are often helpful for that. Tissues are provided in the room that can be used if an itch has to be scratched. Coronavirus can be spread if a person uses their hands to cover a cough or sneeze. Therapists will have tissues / hand linen available for us to use if we have to scratch or sneeze.

IN THE TREATMENT ROOM – We will open/close the door for you before during and after the treatment as required using hand linen / tissue as needed.

We will go through the questions on the BC Covid-19 Self-Assesment Tool with you. Treatment will have to be cancelled if any symptoms are present.

Payments can be done using POS, e transfer. Cash is not preferred but may be handled provided hands are sanitized immediately afterwards.

Receipts can be printed or emailed.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding at this time!